Burson-Marsteller Being More


Around the world, the people who make up Burson-Marsteller are committed to helping our clients – whether companies, organisations or governments – succeed in Being More. Our commitment is driven by our belief that the most successful organisations are guided by a clear sense of purpose – a distinct and powerful world view that shapes their business, guides their actions and ultimately determines their reputation and success.

Burson-Marsteller was one of the original innovative leaders in strategic, integrated approaches to communications, a force for change in public relations, marketing and other ways to reach key audiences. We have remained a leader ever since. Today this leadership is stronger than ever, as integrated communications continues to define what we mean by Burson-Marsteller, Being More. The power, speed and methods of communications are changing fast. But the core principles of integrated strategic communications and implementation on which Harold Burson and Bill Marsteller founded our firm 60 years ago have not changed. Burson-Marsteller, Being More means being more confident in our ability to communicate with more people, in more places, with bigger ideas, through constantly changing communications channels and with more impact.

For Burson-Marsteller, Being More means building dynamic partnerships between people, companies, governments, other organisations and the media – partnerships that stimulate conversations with the potential to change the world. One of the most exciting aspects of the times in which we live and work is that no one owns this model, because there are no boundaries. It is a world in which we can imagine possibility, work hard and with creativity and expertise to turn the possible into the real and achieve results for our clients that help them realise their purposes and make them and us proud. That is the essence of our purpose at Burson-Marsteller – Being More – and we are committed today, as we have been for 60 years, to achieving that purpose.

Old distinctions between categories of paid, owned and earned media are fast becoming outmoded. Content creators are no longer only third parties whom we try to influence. They are often our partners, and, just as often, we are joining our clients in creating the very content that has an impact on conveying ideas and messages that build their reputations. Audiences are not satisfied to sit back as passive receivers of information through clearly defined, static channels. Indeed, they are not even audiences in the traditional sense anymore. They are the drivers themselves of on-going, dynamic conversations and participants in key business decisions, from product launches to the shaping of policy outcomes.

At Burson-Marsteller, Being More means embracing this change. Telling the right story well is still the best way to communicate, but we must find new ways to communicate those stories. We understand that content, not platforms, is what fascinates and engages people. The ability of companies and brands to develop and distribute relevant content is limitless. What used to be a push model is now a vacuum that pulls everyone together.

For Burson-Marsteller, Being More is about understanding that, at its heart, communications is all about people – whether businesspeople, politicians, bloggers, journalists or other audiences – and people pay attention to what matters to them. Being More means creating compelling messages backed by evidence not whim, making content matter backed by expertise, and driving relevance that provides substantive impact and meaningful results for our clients.

As a firm, our purpose is to help our clients define and bring to life their purpose by harnessing the power of this dynamic world of communications – and to do this responsibly in today’s highly connected world. In doing this, we want our own people across Burson-Marsteller to find our firm an inspirational place that calls on them to provide a powerful blend of strategic thinking, creativity, evidence-based communications and an unfailing dedication to rigorous implementation to every client.

Helping our clients navigate the changed communications environment and bringing to life their purpose are at the heart of Burson-Marsteller’s own commitment to Being More, as the leading ideas-driven, results-oriented communications firm in the world. That commitment inspires us in our pursuit of excellence. At Burson-Marsteller, Being More is our promise to our clients and to each other: To exceed expectations today and constantly improve for tomorrow.